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Summit Merchant Solutions

The RDM check imager is a reliable solution for any merchant who needs the flexibility of accepting check payments. Electronic check conversion takes place quickly and accurately, with visual confirmation of each check. This means greater security, a reduced chance of taking bad checks, and less wait-time for customers. Reduces paper workflow, simplifying payment and increasing efficiency. Improves service for customers who prefer to pay by check. Minimizes risk of user error through automatic printing of customized cancellation messages for checks. Offers maximum functionality in a minimal-sized unit.
  • Features

    Accurate imaging through optical- and magnetic-based data recognition.
    Connectivity to the most popular POS terminals.
    Bi-directional document drive that speeds up the verification process by providing a visual confirmation.
    Simple drop-and-push check feed movement.
    Full alphanumeric font recognition for bill payment applications (optional).

  • Benefits

    Accepts check transactions up to $7,500; works best for customers with check transactions greater than $1,500.
    Compatibility with Secur-Chex® services, including check conversion and check guarantee.
    Fast verification and conversion of checks.
    Prints “void,” “canceled,” or other text on checks.
    Compact size leaves plenty of counter space.
    Increased user efficiency through franking acknowledgment printer (optional).

  • Specifications

    1 MB of memory standard; 2MB or 4 MB optional.
    33.6 kb internal modem.
    Accepts document sizes of 1.75” by 4.4 “ (minimum) to 4” by 9” (maximum).
    Image size varies with document, typically 10KB or less, with 200 dpi resolution.
    Dimensions: 6.1” (w) by 8.75” (l) by 4.5” (h).