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Give Them Security Without Risking Your Terminal

The PCI-approved Equinox P1300 PIN Entry Device is designed to meet the PCI-PED security standards for PIN entry. This provides merchants with a low-cost debit-acceptance solution. The P1300 PIN pad is compatible with all TransTech equipment and features flexible communications options for rapid integration with electronic cash register (ECR) systems.

The P1300 PIN pad features large, alphanumeric keys and large “Cancel,” “Clear” and “Enter” keys. These intuitive user screens will help your customers navigate the transaction flow, which means faster transaction times for the merchant.
  • Advantages

    Simple, functional design provides low-cost migration to PCI PED security standards
    Can be equipped with Equinox standard RS-422, RS-232, or USB client for easy integration with existing POS equipment
    Operates with any TransTech terminal that uses DUKPT encryption automatically by simply plugging the unit into the payment device’s PIN pad port
    Uses the same key loading system as previous generation PIN pads to save customers time and money on new equipment and training

  • Performance

    Provides clear instructions to the user facilitating the transaction process
    Features familiar keypad layout with easily identifiable function keys that are fully compliant with industry standards
    Includes three soft keys below the display that provide users more control over the transaction process.
    Compact design ensures users can easily handle the unit and allows them freedom to further shield their PIN entry with their body or hand

  • Security

    Supports both DES and Triple DES DUKPT encryption to protect valuable cardholder PIN information
    Tamper-proof design meets stringent security standards that safeguard the device from external attacks
    Meets PCI PED security guidelines